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Recycling mixed textile waste

We are happy to announce our latest R&D project for textile recycling. Our team has done several successful trials where mixed fibre textile waste has been chemically separated.

Separation of Plastic fibres and natural fibres

Most textile are mixed. Typically a 100% cotton t-shirt still has polyester in the seams and washing tags. In order to regenerate new textile fibres the seams and tags have to manually removed. Needless to say, this is very expensive. Our Aaltocell process has a solution for this. Our hydrolysis neatle separates synthetic material from natural fibres. This enables efficient reuse of each fraction.

R&D Efforts

After initial proof-of-concept trials our team is working on optimising the hydrolysis for best quality outcome. If you are a textile manufacuturer - fiber producer or plastic recycler, join our ecosystem to take this technology to commercial level!

#circulareconomy #sustainablefashion

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