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We are developing fully biodegradable MCC bio-barriers for food and beverage packaging.

Textile fibres

Our textile fibre Norratex can be made from paper pulp, agricultural sidestreams, cardboard resedius, paper waste and recycled textile fibers.


​For food applications.

Paints and coatings

Aaltocell MCC can be used as a bio-filler in paints and coatings and it can also be used to replace titanium oxide. Interested?


Packaging and materials.

Aaltocell MCC

Our MCC can be used in products ranging from bulk applications to cosmetics and pharma. Compared to traditional MCC we do not use dissolving pulp which makes us less expensive and environmentally sound.


For food and beverage packaging as well as food casings.

Sugars for microbes
Depending on the raw material, our Aaltocell process produces a high quality sugar hydrolysate. The hydrolysate has been successfully tested with several production organisms.

Our portfolio

Our products are made from sustainable plant-based feedstock unlocking the versatility and functionality of cellulose.

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